I often stumble across those at these time very popular pictures - especially face portraits - made with 35mm lenses*.The holy grail of modern and hip portrait photography?

But we should take a closer look at portraits made with this focal length* and take care of it's disadvantages to the models been photographed.

With a 35mm (even a 50mm) focal length* you have to get real close to your models face to fill your frame with the models face. This will bring the body parts wich are at closest to the camera (mostly the nose or ears) out unnormal sized.

I choose some examples from 500px here to show what I mean:

Paige by Melissa Bryant on 500px.com
M Crabtree by Hugo Ahlberg on 500px.com
02870031.jpg by John Michael on 500px.com
Evita by Kaspars Ciematnieks on 500px.com
Veronika by Hermann Mayer on 500px.com

Today PetaPixel published an article which takes up exactly this topic with the title "Selecting portrait lens with the correct focal length", wich I recommend you to read for all the technical aspects.

So please, although I understand that it is hip nowadays to shoot portraits with 35mm* focal length, be aware of this and please end up doing at least something good your models to make them look more natural, more beautiful.

What do you think about all that "new" 35mm "portrait hipster lifestyle portrait thing"? Please write your thoughts in the comments below. * Full Frame equivalent