I was doing the Project 366 since January 1st 2016. I did it for 7 days.Yes, I can't make it. I know it after just 7 days.

It was a big task for me - maybe too big with all the other things I have to handle (like my company, family and other things). But do I just give up? Finish it? No... That would be too easy and I really do want to have a photographic mission for 2016.

So I decided to switch from a daily project to a weekly project. I stumbled across the 52 week challenge by dogwood.photography. It seems to be perfect and a great idea to follow his plan. So I will start over and beginn the 52 week challenge with week 2 wich is starting tomorrow:

"Landscape: Traditional Landscape Shoot a beautiful landscape and share it with the world. Find a nice foreground and don't forget the sky."

I also mentioned a "Big Website Update". I am switching...

To German as main language.

This is because English is not my native language and I think that it is way more easy for me to express my feelings and thoughts in my native language.

Some future articles will be translated into English from time to time. I hope you understand this decision, although I know that I will loose some readers - wich is very very sad.

The transition to German will be done in the next few days. My next blogpost will be in German language.

Thank you all for your great support over the last months!