On June 15th I started the project black and white because I wanted to know for myself what black and white means to me.

I love photographs that were taken in black and white or have been processed in black and white.

Again and again I was at the point where I did not like my own black and white photographs. I was mostly just not very happy with the results. Something I've always had to suspend. Was I just not a good black and white photographer?

To find out, I have started this project several weeks.

Today, after more than four weeks of photographing in black and white I have a conclusion for me.

Only because I love black and white photography I does not mean that I also have to be a good black and white photographer.  I can now take away the self-imposed pressure.

In these almost 4 weeks I have also noticed very intensely that I miss the color in my photography.

So in future I will keep the majority of my photographs in color, and in very specific cases I'll go and use the stylistic device of black and white photography.

The world around me is colorful and so will be my photos! As colorful as life :)

Who of you has collected similar experiences as I do? How do you deal with it?
Or is it even completely the other way around with someone from my readers?

Please leave me a comment below :)

Thanks for your time!