In some pictures on the web I saw some X-T1's with other eyecups than the standard one.
I did a short Google search and found it: the Fujifilm X-T1 Long Eycup EC-XT L.

So I ordered it online and just three days later I received it by post.

The Eyecup shades the viewfinder from better than the original which I think is very good.At first I had concerns when wearing glasses, but these were unfounded.

Front side of the Eyecup

And it's back side

In situations with a lot of light such as the midday sun, or even with side light you will get a much better viewfinder image as result when using the EC-XT L.

Here is a little comparison between the original (above) and the EC-XT L (below):

And this is how it looks on my X-T1 SG:

My X-T1 with the EC-XT L

My X-T1 with the EC-XT L

I can the absolutely recommend the EC-XT L  to anyone. It is a great optional piece of equipment that improves the convenience of the camera by a good bit.

Buy it here from (USA) or on (Germany) here. *

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