On 10th of June 2015 Leica Camera AG brought out a new "compact" camera.

The Leica Q.

First I was very sceptic about this new camera. Will it be just another Leica X camera (wich I didn't like at all to be honest)?

The Leica Q. 24 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor. Electronic Viewfinder (with about 3.6 million pixel!), one million pixel LCD screen, fixed 28mm F1.7 Summilux ASPH lens.

Image: Leica Camera AG

I was reading a lot about this cameras from the day on it was announced. First, there was Ming Thein's excellent review of the Leica Q with a lot of pictures to get a first impression of the camera. But, to be honest again, his review just made me want this camera more than before.

So over the next few weeks I watched some reviews on Youtube, such as the ones from Take aka Bighead Taco, about the Leica Q.

Image: Leica Camera AG

As I made my decision to buy the Leica Q my hunt for a dealer that has one available begun.
And it was not an easy or short hunt. One of the two Leica dealers (a Leica Boutique) we have here in Heidelberg (Germany) has ordered some but he said it could take up to 4 or more weeks until he gets a delivery from Leica. But that without promise. Hmmm... So go for the other dealer.
But, you won't believe it as I did, he didn't even know what a "Leica Q" is. What a shame.

Image: Leica Camera AG

So I started to widen the circle of my search around Heidelberg - and finally found a dealer that had on on stock. Foto Neher in Heppenheim (Germany). A very charming store with a very friendly (thanks for helping me out Mr. Neher!) owner. They are Leica dealer for nearly 50 years now, Mr. Neher told me during the presentation of the camera.

So if you are around the corner, looking for Leica cameras and accessories, I can highly recommend you to visit Photo Neher in Heppenheim (Germany).

If you want to find your closest Leica dealer, please check out this site.

As you can imagine, I was very happy to get my Leica Q faster than I really expected.

The day after I took it out for some first test shots. And I was totally blown away from the quality of the images! The color rendition is something very special and has it's unique signature to it.

Those contrasts (and micro contrasts), the colors and the overall look of the images are great.

I will not bore you with all the technical specs about the camera. You'll find them in the reviews I mentioned above or over on the Leica Q website @ Leica.

The viewfinder is great to use and the autofocus is very fast and accurate. The WIFI function with the App for iOS works great. I think there is still some potential to make the AF and other features of the camera even better with upcoming firmware updates.

So before I show you some of my first impression test shots with my Leica Q, I want to write down a short list of my wishes for a (hopefully not so far away) firmware update.

  • option to save DNG only besides of DNG + JPEG
  • ISO Setting in 1/3 steps
  • LCD/EVF switchable like on the Fujifilm X-T1 (EVF only, but previews and menue on LCD)
  • settings for EVF and LCD brightness separately
  • option to turn of the electronic shutter

All this does not mean, that the camera is not working very good. It does really work well.
But I think there's room for improvement to the usability.

As the Leica Q is recording DNG + JPEG files I am using a SanDisk Extreme PLUS SD card (80 MB/s) with 32 GB size. The card is a very good performer for it's price. 
You can buy this SD card here from Amazon.com (USA) or on Amazon.de (Germany) here. *

So, enough said (or written)... Here are some of my first pictures taken with my Leica Q.

Do you also own a Leica Q already? Please leave me a comment about your thoughts!
Or do you have any questions about the Leica Q? Write them down in the comments below.

Thank you for reading :)

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