I am doing a lot of landscape and nature photography. So I was thinking about buying a lens with a bit more zoom. There are only two options for me at the moment (without using adapted lenses).

The XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR and the XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS. I tried both of them and decided to go with the XF55-200mm. For a nice review of the X50-140mm please read this Review from Jonas Rask and this one from Jeff Seltzer. For next year, Fujifilm is planning to release a XF100-400mm - that is definitely on my wishlist :)

Built Quality
The XF55-200mm is sure one of Fuji's cheaper lenses but it is "Made in Japan". That - for me - still stands for very high quality lenses.


The lens is partly made of metal and plastic. The lens mount is metal.
The zoom-ring and also the focus ring are very well sized with a good grip on it. They are both smooth to turn.

The Zoom Range is 55-200mm wich is equivalent to 80-300mm on a full frame camera. The 7-blade-aperture creates a very nice bokeh.

The lens has is not Weather Resistant (WR), although I am sure many would like to have this lens coming with the WR feature. So if you are in the need to have a weather sealed lens in this zoom range the only way is to go for the XF50-140mm. 

The lens has no aperture ring like the XF35mm or the XF56mm has. You can switch from Auto to aperture mode. In the aperture mode you can turn the ring left and right to change the aperture setting of the lens. If you are used to shot the lenses with the aperture ring it is a bit of familiarization needed. But you get it very fast.

But overall I must say that the lens is very well build and gives you a good quality feeling when holding it in your hands.

The lens has a weight of 580 grams. Thats not that much compared to the zoom range you get.
The faster and Weather Resistant (WR) XF50-140mm weights 995 grams - nearly double the weight of the XF55-200mm. So if weight is more important to you than weather resistance and you don't need a fast lens - this will be your choice to keep your travel bags light.

Optical Stabilisation
The lens has a optical stabilisation, called Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) build in.
A very useful and powerful feature!
Fujifilm saying on their website, that the OIS will give the photographer about 4.5 stops.
Thats much... And the lens really performs well in that case.

You can turn the OIS off by a little switch behind the aperture ring. This is useful when it comes to put the camera on a tripod.

I shot all the images without a tripod so far. The OIS is working very well and is a good support when shooting in low light or at the tele end of the lens. So well done, Fuji! You didn't promise too much.

With firmware 3.11 the lens had a good AF speed but it wasn't the fastest at all.
This all changed with the Firmware 4.0!

The lens performs nearly like it has a new AF module built in. The AF responds very fast and reliable. This shows how much potential is still in the lens built in linear AF motor.

I think they even can increase the performance of this lens with the next firmware update for this wonderful lens.

I did not test all the new AF modes the new firmware brought us but from what I've heard the lens performs really good in Zone and Wide AF.

Picture Quality
For a zoom lens the picture quality is really really good! I love the colors and contrasts the lens transfers to the amazing X-Trans II sensor of the X-T1.

The pictures are sharp throughout the whole zoom range - even wide open.
At 200mm and F4.8 the quality and sharpness is fantastic!

Here I show you some pictures I made over the last few weeks with the lens.
All pictures are shot in RAW and processed in Lightroom, mainly added the Film Simulations and doing some small corrections.

The Bokeh is very nice and pleasing and the picture quality of this lens speaks for it self. I really love the results!

The Fujifilm XF55-200mm is a great lens for the light travel bag if you don't need a fast F2.8 lens and weather sealing. Therefor you get great results for your money.

I can really recommend this lens for photographers who won't miss a telephoto lens but won't or can't afford the nearly 3-times more expensive XF50-140mm lens. 

The zoom range perfectly fits to my XF16-55mm, of wich I've wrote down my experiences here.

If you have any questions or you want to share your experience with this lens please write a comment below. Also feel free to share this blogpost with your friends :) Thanks for reading!

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